Integra Rig Shot

In Uncategorized on July 18, 2010 by Peter Kachadourian

An image of my integra shot using a rig attached to the rear hatch. The final version is a composite of two separate shots that were edited with photoshop.  In the images below you can see the camera rig still attached to the glass using vacuum cups. This can be removed using the clone stamp tool. I usually create paths first to select various parts of the car where the rig is sticking out. It seems to work best and helps me to clone only the areas that need to be retouched.

In the first rolling shot the car was actually moving, but probably much slower than you might think. By dragging the shutter on the camera you can create this kind of motion blur at walking speeds. In this pic the car was not even running, just rolling down a slight incline.

It’s probably a good idea to mention that you should have someone inside the car to hit the brakes after you get the shot. Just imagine having to chase after a runaway car with your camera attached to pole on the side of it. For the best results it’s really much better to have someone push the car in neutral with the engine off.  This way you can avoid vibrations that might blur the car and cause it to look out of focus.

The second shot was underexposed to capture the sky and some detail in the clouds.  In this one the car was still since I only planned on using the top part of the image to replace the blown-out overexposed sky in the first shot.

So that’s about it. The trickiest part for me seems to be keeping the camera still during the longer exposures(rolling shots).

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